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Congratulations Kyle & co-star Ben Mendelsohn on their nominations!

Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama Series

Better Call Saul • AMC • Sony Pictures Television / Gran Via Productions

Bob Odenkirk as Jimmy McGill

Bloodline • Netflix • Sony Pictures Television in association with KZK Productions for Netflix

Kyle Chandler as John Rayburn

House Of Cards • Netflix • Donen/Fincher/Roth and Trigger Street Productions, Inc. in association with Media Rights Capital for Netflix

Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood

Mad Men • AMC • Lionsgate Television / UROK Productions

Jon Hamm as Don Draper

The Newsroom • HBO • HBO Entertainment

Jeff Daniels as Will McAvoy

Ray Donovan • Showtime • SHOWTIME Presents, The Mark Gordon Company, Bider Sweet

Liev Schreiber as Ray Donovan

Outstanding Supporting Actor In A Drama Series

Better Call Saul • AMC • Sony Pictures Television / Gran Via Productions

Jonathan Banks as Mike Ehrmantraut

Bloodline • Netflix • Sony Pictures Television in association with KZK Productions for Netflix

Ben Mendelsohn as Danny Rayburn

Downton Abbey • PBS • A Carnival Films/Masterpiece Co-Production in association with NBC Universal

Jim Carter as Mr. Carson

Game Of Thrones • HBO • HBO Entertainment in association with Bighead, Littlehead; Television 360; Startling Television and Generator Productions

Peter Dinklage as Tyrion Lannister

The Good Wife • CBS • Eye Productions in association with Scott Free Productions and King Size Productions

Alan Cumming as Eli Gold

House Of Cards • Netflix • Donen/Fincher/Roth and Trigger Street Productions, Inc. in association with Media Rights Capital for Netflix

Michael Kelly as Doug Stamper


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Added a still from Kyle’s upcoming film.

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I have added HD captures of Kyle from his Netflix series Bloodline to the image gallery.

Gallery Link:
TV Shows > Bloodline > Season 1 > Episode Captures

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More than a month after all 13 episodes of “Bloodline” hit Netflix, the show’s stars and creators gathered Monday for a screening and Q&A at the Pacific Design Center’s Silverscreen Theater in West Hollywood. Though they portray a dysfunctional family in the series, the “Bloodline” team reunited with brotherly embraces and affectionate teasing.

There was, after all, reason to celebrate: Each cast member was happy to report that they had received only positive feedback since the series debuted.

“It picks people up and they go along for a big, big ride with us,” said Ben Mendelsohn, who plays black-sheep older brother Danny. “It’s been great.”

One of the show’s creators, Todd Kessler, expressed his gratitude that people continue to get into the show after the novelty of its release has faded. “It’s kind of been a word of mouth show,” Kessler said. “It’s something that continues to be discovered, which is great, as opposed to something that a lot of people came to at first and then kind of moves off the conversation. It just continues to seem to build.”

Sissy Spacek, who plays the matriarch of the troubled family at the show’s center, described the show’s building popularity as “a groundswell.” She considers the show to be a draw for binge-watchers.

“I’m a binge-watcher! I binge-watched this,” Spacek said. “I watched it all in one day.”

Spacek isn’t the only avid TV binger in the cast. Kyle Chandler admitted that he’s been a marathoner since the pre-Netflix era.

“The first time I binge-watched was back when ‘24’ was still on VHS, and my wife was sending me to Blockbuster, which don’t exist anymore, so I did it before it was really cool and fashionable,” Chandler said, signature smirk firmly in place. “I was just on my motorcycle doing what my wife told me to do.”

Regarding the popularity of “Bloodline” among other binge-watchers, Chandler said listening to the unfolding conversation has been fun. “I’ve enjoyed it. It’s worked out wonderfully,” he said.

The consensus among team “Bloodline” was that the show’s pacing is what begs the binge.

“Unlike traditional television, the story unfolds at a different pace because they know they have 13 hours to tell the story,” said Linda Cardellini, who plays Meg on the series. “There’s nothing that needs to be established quickly… It’s a very different show by the end. It changes in pace and in genre and in tone, and the characters change before your eyes in ways that seem still human.”

Cardellini’s feelings were shared by series creator Daniel Zelman, who was determined from the onset to develop a new take on the crime series.

“We talked about not doing a whodunit, but doing a why-dunit,” Zelman said. “The question isn’t ‘What’s going to happen?’ It’s how and why?”

The actors and creators kept very quiet about the details of the upcoming second season of “Bloodline,” apart from expressing eager anticipation.

“I’m excited about it,” Chandler said. “I still haven’t spoken to them about what season two is going to be, and I would not be able to guess what it would be, I’m certain. So I have to decide now how much I want to know and go from there.”


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[Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first season of Bloodline.]Danny Rayburn (Ben Mendelsohn) is long gone, but he will still be part of the Rayburns’ future when Bloodline dives into it’s second season.

“We’re now at the starting point where this story can launch from,” co-creator and executive producer Todd A. Kessler tells The Hollywood Reporter. “And its taking not only the audience but the characters on this tremendous ride to get to this place where they have an understanding of why their siblings have done what they’ve done in relation to Danny.”


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Here are the last of the captures:

[059] 5×09 Gut Check
[107] 5×10 Don’t Call
[091] 5×11 The March
[117] 5×12 Texas Whatever (aka Small Town)
[108] 5×13 Always

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[131] 5×05 Kingdom
[111] 5×06 Swerve
[144] 5×07 Perfect Record
[054] 5×08 Fracture

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We will have caps up soon from Bloodline. Here’s caps from the 1st 4 eps of Season 5 of Friday Night Lights. Thanks to Holly.

[117] 5×01 Expectations
[095] 5×02 On the Outside Looking In
[112] 5×03 The Right Hand of the Father
[077] 5×04 Keep Looking

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Get ready for more dark and deadly times with the Rayburn family. Netflix announced yesterday that it has renewed its new family drama Bloodline for a second season. The series, which comes from Todd A. Kessler, Daniel Zelman and Glenn Kessler, the creative team responsible for the Glenn Close-drama Damages, will return in 2016 for Season 2.

Bloodline, which had all 13 of its first season episodes released on Netflix merely 12 days ago, is set in the Florida Keys and follows the Rayburn family, dysfunctional group of individuals who all carry dark secrets about the past that have ramifications in the both present and the future. Through compelling storytelling, a unique voice, measured pace, and a fragmented structure, all brought together thanks impeccable performances from all members of its cast, Bloodline has stood out and successfully garnered a faithful audience that has welcomed Netflix’s Season 2 pickup order announcement and can now breathe a sigh of relief that there will be more of this captivating story to come. 

As touched on above, Bloodline boasts one of the strongest ensemble casts in recent memory. The series stars Kyle Chandler, Ben Mendelsohn, Linda Cardellini, Sam Shepard, Sissy Spacek, and Norbert Leo Butz as the main members of the Rayburn family. Jamie McShane, Jacinda Barrett, and Enrique Murciano make up the remainder of the cast, while guest stars include Katie Finneran, Steven Pasquale, and Chloë Sevigny.

Bloodline Season 2 is set to go into production later this year and is expected to premiere on Netflix sometime in 2016. 


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